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Our information centres on the route

The Roman Germanic Museum in Cologne with the Roman coach from Nettersheim
Photo: Ulrich Hermanns, Münster


“All roads lead to Cologne” – Cologne was the seat of the governor and a central hub in Roman Rhineland. It was where the most important highways in the Germania Inferior province all met. ... more

The “Naturzentrum Eifel” – a visitor attraction in the Eifel countryside with indoor and outdoor exhibitions and seminars 
Credit: Gemeinde Nettersheim


Das Römerstraßen-Infozentrum in Nettersheim ist im Naturzentrum Eifel eingerichtet, einem überregionalen Besucherzentrum mit Ausstellungen zu Natur und Geschichte, Tourist-Info, Museumsshop und Cafeteria. ... more

The Gildehaus at the foot of the Blankenheim castle in the idyllic town centre 
Photo: Ulrich Hermanns, Münster


The Gildehaus (Guild House) in Blankenheim has been returned to its full glory and now houses a new exhibition. The former local history museum has been converted into an information centre devoted to the history of the Romans and its after-effects on Blankenheim and the northern part of the Eifel.... more

The museum is a part of the highly impressive Jülich citadel complex
Photo: Stadt Jülich


The Roman roads formed an important basis for the development of the countryside in the past 200 years. Jülich owes it existence to the Cologne to Boulogne-sur-Mer Roman road – the Via Belgica. ... more

Burg Rode
Photo: Stadt Herzogenrath


Up on higher ground, Burg Rode looks down on the rest of the town of Herzogenrath. The sturdy tower identifies the castle from afar as a medieval fortification that one wouldn’t associate at first sight with a Roman road. ... more